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Cables and connectors not listed are available on a custom basis.
Connector Type
N (none)
3 F (3-pin Female) 
4 F (4-pin Female) 
4 M (4-pin Male) 
 IDP's stock cables contain two conductors, are shielded and covered with a PVC jacket. The standard length is 2 meters. 
Connectors | Cables 

 Model  Chassis Connector  Instrument 
 O  4F  U of Iowa  AC
 O  4F  U of Iowa  3M
 O  4F  U of Iowa  4M
 O  4M  Triton, etc.  AC
 O  4M  Triton, etc.  3M
O  4M  Triton, etc.  4F
 O  PJ    AC
 O  PJ    3M
O  PJ    4M
O  PJ    4F
We recommend that you order transducer leads with a bare wire termination and use a connecting cable (IDP Model O) with alligator clips (AC) to connect the transducer to the instrument. Experience has shown that alligator clips make as secure and noise-free connections as mating plugs. Order the appropriate cable for your application. 
Connectors | Cables

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